How to Be Confident: Two Simple Actions to Boost Your Self Esteem

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2018

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We live in a world today that is stealing our confidence without us knowing it. Most of us spend the majority of our time with our shoulders rolled forward and our heads down staring at a screen. We are scrolling and posting our confidence away.  

I want you to do a quick exercise with me. I want you to just set up straight and put your shoulders back, put them back to where it's uncomfortable and for some of us that’s not very far. What does that do for you when you set up straight, with your shoulders back and your chest out a little bit? Does that not just make you feel better instantly? Automatically for me it gives me some life it gives me some energy and gives me a feeling of confidence. Some of us might be uncomfortable putting our chest out there because we see it as being puffed up or trying to be tough. It’s not about that at all it's about just feeling good about you again. We need to make a conscious effort to put our shoulders back and say yeah, I'm ready. I'm ready for the day I'm ready to take the world on. That thought and that feeling is huge.  

 First tip. Take time every day and sit up, roll those shoulders back, put that chest out, feel strong, and breathe deep and proud, breathe confidence in and out. It's okay to be you it's okay to feel strong and confident.

 The Second Tip. Stare somebody in the eye and smile. When given the opportunity to talk with or meet someone, look them in the eye and smile it spells confidence. How long has it been since you've had a great smile on your face what does that do for you just by putting a smile on your face and saying. You know what, I'm okay I have my problems I have my issues but I am okay.

 We all have plenty of issues, believe me I have plenty of issues and if you've watched my videos you understand that yeah Rusty you have plenty of problems. Sometimes I can't even put a full sentence together I don't use big words I don't use anything fancy sometimes I can't even find the words I need but I still speak and I still train and I try to do it with shoulders back, head up, and a smile on my face. 

 The Third Tip. Approach everything with energy. Energy comes from within, energy is feeling good about who we are, energy comes from accepting that we're not perfect but we're working on the process, we're working through it we're trying to become better.  

 When you walk out that front door in the morning to head to work put your shoulders back put a smile on your face look up at the world face the world eye to eye and you'll be surprised how much more confidence you have by doing these simple things.

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