Manage Your Time Like You Manage Your Bank Account...

Uncategorized May 01, 2018

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Hey, my friend Coach Burnside here with you to share another Championed Mindset Championed Life video. Today we will be discussing the topic of “Spending our time like we spend our money”. What If you kept a daily log on your time like you do your expenses? It is not always easy to say no to things we cannot afford but it is even harder to say no to others when they ask for your time. Where is the balance of what we commit our time to and what we don’t? We are only given 24 hours a day we all get that and we all have heard that many times, but do we track it like we do our checking account. I challenge you to start monitoring your time the same as you monitor your checking account, see where you are spending the majority of your time outside the necessities like sleep, and career, keep track of those small debits you know the ones that seem harmless until you add them all up and it becomes huge debit. How much time do you actually spend on “YOU”? If you are like most of us we spend the least amount on ourselves and we spend way too much time on other people’s agendas. Watch this video and more to Champion Your Mind – Champion Your Life!

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