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Master Yourself, Maximize Others, Build Teams.

Influence is Key

Being able to influence those you coach is simple once you understand these three skills.

Hi, I am Coach Burnside...

I am a speaker, trainer, coach and the founder of the Gold Medal Coaching Academy. I understand one of the biggest struggles team leaders/coaches being able to bring greatness to their team members. I can tell you have spent many years creating easy to learn systems and frameworks that will take any person, any coach/leader, and any team to the next level.

I have been in the coaching space for over 14 years helping coaches and teams from the smallest locker rooms to some of the largest boardrooms. I can promise you will find my teaching and concepts within the academy a 100% applicable to Mastering Yourself, Maximizing Others, and Building Stand-Out Teams.  

I Believe:

POTENTIAL lies un-tapped within way to many of us. 

SKILLS can be taught and learned they are not earmarked for the elite. 

PROGRESS is made when teams truly believe in a common vision. 

Here at the Academy you will learn the necessary skills and frameworks to help you and your teams achieve next level success.

I personally invite you to reach out to me for a free coaching session. Don't worry I am no good at sales and I hates salesy people. I truly just want to add value to you and your team.  

Talk Soon Coach Burnside

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Featured Courses & Programs

Coaching the Corporate Team...

Build a Highly Effective Corporate Team by Mastering the Necessary Individual, Coaching, and Team Building Skills

Teams face many challenges such as, lack of coaching skills, individual focus, and sub par team chemistry to name just a few. The great news all this can be over come with the right skill set. 
As a coach, are you confident in being able to coach your team? As an individual do you have the right mindset? What are you doing to keep your coaching/team building skill set sharp?
If you are wanting to Master Yourself, Maximize Others and Build Stand Out Teams, you are only one click away... 

Learn More About Corporate Coaching

What Are Other's Saying

"The first time I worked with Rusty I was in search of a culture and system. We had hired trainers who ran one-time events that lacked the long-lasting impact I was looking for. The Gold Medal program was just what our team needed. I had an organization with 50 plus managers who were at all stages of leadership and coaching development. The program Rusty brought gave us a common framework and allowed each of us to develop from where we were at with regular reminders and tips to keep us on course. The ongoing personalized coaching my team and I received helped each person grow in the area we needed most. Three years later, many of my team members still actively work with Rusty because of the growth they experienced with our investment in the Gold Medal Coaching Academy. If you’re looking for a program and culture change, look no further."

Josh Baxter
President & COO at Netdocuments

"Rusty doesn’t just tell you what he knows about coaching, he transforms his listeners by causing them to understand, envision, embrace, and apply his universal principals to their own lives regardless of their background or line of work. Rusty's excitement, wit, and humor (not to mention the corporate cowboy look) draws you in and helps you put things in perspective. If you listen... and you will walk away with something of value that you can apply directly to your own situations and daily challenges."

Welby Hansen
Global Training Manager at Ivanti

"I was given an opportunity to attend the Gold Medal Coaching Formula sessions through my employer as part of a process to help managers become better coaches. While I am a person who genuinely tries to find value in everything I do, I found by going through this process to have found much more than that, which for me the process ended up being invaluable. I learned how to be more confident speaking up in groups, how to look for ways to change the game with my direct team simply through interactions whether it is a 1-1 conversation or group discussions, etc. I learned how to change my game during the recruiting process, identifying CHAMPIONS. It really showed me how to make the most of the day to day things I need to do and how to see situations through a different lens. By having a different view it has allowed me achieve better results through process improvements which gained me better results and most of all giving me the tools I need to develop not only myself, but my direct reports as well. I was even able to take some things away to apply in my personal life to achieve better relationships. This is a course that requires an objective point of view and requires you to dig deep into issues, but if you can do that you will achieve results better than you hoped to gain."

Niomi Snedden
Technical Support Manager, Symantec Corp.


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